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Daleville DPS Pistol Competition

Last Saturday, I had the privilege to represent our business at the Alabama Police Week Tactical Shooting Competition held at the Dothan Gun Club hosted by The Daleville Dept. of Public Safety. It was a great experience as law enforcement officers from not only our area but as far away as Bay Minette and Okaloosa County Fl. represented their agencies in fine fashion. I soon realized the excellent training, effort and skill these officers put into their jobs takes a tremendous amount of dedication. That dedication pays off when they are called upon to protect life and property. I salute them everyone for their willingness to serve their communities. 

As a sponsoring business we had the opportunity to show off some off our products of course, but the real benefit was to personally meet and greet these fine public servants and get to know them a little bit better and watch them display their tactics and shooting skills. Just across from my set up, one phase of the competition was what looked to be a simple task, draw your weapon and hit two medal targets; these two targets were about 25 yards away and maybe 30 ft. apart. the fastest shooter to hit both targets would win. As they moved thru each phase, each shooter took his turn. I could hear the times called as each one completed this phase. Early on I could hear; 2.62 seconds, 3.12 seconds or maybe 2.59 seconds.  I was amazed to hear the winning time-1.52 seconds. That's move at a beep, draw your weapon, take aim at 2 separate targets with 2 hits in 1.52 seconds.  it's gives thought to what takes place on the street in just a second; the split second decisions these officers must make every day.  A special thank you to all the men and women who serve as Police officers, deputies, fire and paramedics and their dedication to serve; under paid, under appreciated,  THANK YOU!! Robert Helms


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