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Emergency Survival

I am sure many of us take for granted emergency preparedness: I have to admit I do! Each time we see bad weather and storm related power outages where thousands of families and homes are left without electricity for days or even weeks. I always think we should make some preparations with water and food supplies just in case, but we never do. Well we just received some products here at SCI-2-Way just for those types of emergencies; Wise Company makes a huge array of products for survival enthusiast and emergencies. We have added their products to our inventory. So if your are a "doomsday Preparer or someone who likes to be prepared for every situation like weather power outages. We have dried fruits, veggies and backpacks loaded with supplies ready for you. We have them with lighter kits for fire and solar rechargers for the cell phones. I hope you will stop in and check them out. Remember "it never hurts to be prepared!"

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