Modern Service

  While on a recent sales trip, I made quick pit stop for some lunch and a  bathroom break. I have heard a lot of talk in the news about the desired increase in the minimum wage, especially discussions surrounding fast food workers. I have also heard talk of automated cashiers that could take the place of these new high priced fast food employees; I had not considered it as coming close to our area yet, so I was very surprised to see several of these machines in a Bonifay Fl. McDonalds and they had only one cash register with a real person. Although the food was the same, I couldn't help but think how cold and indifferent these machines seemed. I am sure you may have experienced this same thing at the gas pump or a the check out line, maybe at Wal-Mart. No matter, the self-service check out is coming; ready or not. We used to get full from our gas stations, then self service and now we with such ease, pump it and pay at the pump. The self service check out has taken the place of that personal contact.                                      

    Well I said all that, to say this, I am proud to be associated with a local family owed, home grown business that still believes in personal service done with a hand shake and a smile. Here at Seminole Communications, we are a business that takes personal time with our customers; we try to find out what you need and the best way possible to provide a service that benefits you and your business with the lowest possible price. I don't know about everybody, but I like to shop with people that know me and appreciate my business and here at SCI2WAY; we do.  I hope you will come see and Thanks for your business, Robert Helms