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Federal Signal FSX Visor Lights

Federal Signal

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  • “POLICE” and “FIRE” models 
  • Text can be set to flash or “steady-burn”
  • Provides high-visibility and temporary vehicle marking
  • Slides over existing sun-visor and plugs into the cigarette plug
  • Easy removal and storage
  • Detachable adapter allows the user to disconnect the FSX visor from the cigarette plug when the sign is not in use
  • Light output dimming control to avoid flashback
  • UV stable and shatterproof
  • No tools, brackets or sticking materials required
  • Five-year warranty


Highly-effective visor light ideal for undercover police cars and volunteer fire vehicles
Federal Signal’s FSX Visor Light provides clear identification and temporary marking for volunteer fire vehicles and undercover and unmarked police cars. FSX Visor Lights have twelve LED warning lights featuring “POLICE” text. The undercover police car visor light is available with (12) Blue LEDs or (6) Blue LEDs and (6) Red LEDs and the Fire visor light is available with (12) Blue LEDs or (12) Red LEDs (see configurations above). FSX models can be set as an attention-getting flash pattern or “steady-burn.” All models incorporate a light-output dimming feature to avoid flashback inside the vehicle.

Easy removal and storage

The FSX Visor Light slides over the vehicle’s existing sun-visor and plugs into the cigarette plug. When not in use, the sign can easily be hidden by disconnecting the FSX Visor Light from the cigarette plug using the detachable adapter and folding the vehicle’s sun-visor in the upright position. The Visor Light easily slides off of the sun-visor and can be stored inside the glove box.


Voltage 12/24 VDC
Dimensions (D x L x H) 1.34 in (3.4 cm) x top 11.61 in (29.5 cm) bottom 11.34 in (28.8 cm) x 4.53 in (11.5 cm)

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