Municipal Financing

In some cases your need may not be able to wait on funding. We can help, we offer very low interest financing to government agencies and non-profits.

 These are based on recent approvals at the end of 2019: 

  • $72K     Depending on payment structure:  4.2% - 4.7%
  • $140K   Depending on payment structure:  3.3 - 3.7%
  • $223K   2.8%

 We are able to offer monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual payments in arrears.

 Other advantages to you of the type financing we provide include:

  • This is a full payout agreement; there is no residual value
  • There are no documentation fees of any kind
  • Ownership of the equipment belongs to the customer from the beginning of the agreement
  • There is not penalty for early payoff/termination of the agreement
  • The documentation language includes the Non-appropriation of funds clause (annual appropriation/funding out language)
  • The type financing we provide is not considered long-term debt and does not create debt past the current fiscal year
  • The documentation includes an Amortization Schedule reflecting the payoff at any point in the agreement
  • Other items (including vehicles, radios, computers, K9 officers & equipment) may be added to the agreement
  • Rates do continue to drop as the dollar amount increases.
Call us today if you are in the process of trying to unfit vehicles and take a look at what our turn key police car program can do for you!