Defense Technology First Defense OC/CS MK-3 Aerosol


    The 1.47 oz. MK-3 canister will deliver 10-12 short bursts of OC at an effective range of 10-12 ft. 
    The stream delivery method provides a target-specific, strong concentrated stream for greater standoff.
    The grey banded canister indicates the unique OC/CS formulation which targets the respiratory system. 
    The MK-3 is an ideal size for patrol officers to wear on a duty belt.
    This formulation has been tested and is non-flammable and Electronic Discharge Weapon (EDW) safe.
    Defense Technology First Defense OC Aerosols are produced in an ISO rated manufacturing facility.
    All Major Capsaicinoid percentages (MC%) are verified by an Independent Laboratory for quality assurance.

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