Metrolink Nexedge Network

We a an exclusive partner of Metrolink, a large privately funded UHF NXDN Radio Network in the lower Alabama, Southwest GA, & North FL regions. They are always looking to expand and look forward to adding coverage in your area!

See the Metrolink website for more information!

Repair & Tuning

Not only can we repair your radios, we also have advanced equipment that can automatically tune digital radios for peak performance on P25, NXDN, & DMR systems.

Dispatching Equipment

From basic tone remote handsets to full dispatch center console solutions and everything in between. Let us help you design your solution!

Programming & Fleet Mapping

Custom programming, fleetmapping, firmware updates/mods available for P25, NXDN, & DMR systems.

System Design & Engineering

From antennas & towers to shelters & grounding, we can help make sure your next project is designed to meet your needs & budget.

Preventive Maintenance & 24/7 Service Contracts

We recommend mission critical operations to have one of our maintenance or service contracts. We offer basic preventive maintenance and fully covered service contracts that cover every system component or fully customized to meet your needs.

Nationwide PTT & GPS Location

Cellular Based radios with dispatch software allow more wide area users to use radio at a fraction of the price of a cellular phone

Radio Systems

P25 Systems

Radio Systems

Nexedge (NXDN) Systems